Baby Harem Pants

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Baby Harem Pants

Soft and comfortable baby harem pants. The harem design leaves plenty of room for a diapered tush...even a cloth diapered one!


Fabric is 100% organic cotton knit. 

 Size Waist (in.) Inseam without diaper (in.)
3 months 17.5 8.5
6 months 18.5 10
9 months 19 11.25
12 months 19.5 12
18 months 20.25 13.5


Care Instructions:

Wash on a gentle cycle in cold water with like colors using a fragrance free, non-chlorinated detergent. Dry your fabric on a low/ medium cycle or line-dry. If required, iron on the back of the printed fabric using the associated fabric type setting.

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